S-Class Sedan


Dream car and guiding light for a whole sector – the S-Class. Every contact with this unique luxury saloon is an experience: Travel, work, relax, savour in peace and arrive safely – no other car can offer more than the exemplar of all saloons.

Size is a value in itself, a dimension of freedom. That’s why every passenger in the S-Class has more space than ever before. Everyone can use this personal space in his own particular way; but they will arrive relaxed at their destination.

Time is never lost in the S-Class. For every passenger can use the time during the journey to good effect, either working or “refuelling” – with his legs stretched out.


Our cars have epitomised luxurious mobility since the beginning of the 20th century. And they have thrilled generations of motorists who have style and great expectations.

The direct genealogy of the S-Class began in 1951 when the 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz 220 model appeared at the first International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Even this very first model boasted a high standard of equipment and delivered eff ortlessly superior performance. Launched in 1972, the W116 was the first S-Class, as it became known, and the official Mercedes-Benz representative in the luxury segment.

Outstanding comfort, innovative technology and comprehensive safety have been characteristic traits of the luxury saloon ever since. Crumple zones, ABS, airbags and ESP – they are all trailblazing innovations in the history of automotive development. And they all began life in the S-Class. Before finding their way into many other models and vehicle categories and, therefore, into people’s minds and the history books.