Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA


 A Supercar In Every Sense

Three different processes of carbon fiber construction are used throughout the LFA’s chassis. However, when it came to forming the A-pillar and roofline, there was no way to create such a complex three-dimensional shape. The solution: We invented a loom that weaves carbon fiber strands in 3-D.

0 to 9,000 in

Beneath a hooded instrument panel lies a Thin Film Transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) panel and a motor-driven ring that houses the LFA’s legendary tachometer. Its digital needle was the only way to accurately keep up with the V10 that revs from idle to 9,000 RPM in 0.6 seconds.

Lexus IS C

ISC 350

IS 250 C

Wrapped in a head-turning package, the IS 250 C delivers unexpected performance and excellent fuel economy. Add racing-inspired paddle shifters integrated into the steering wheel, and expectations won’t be the only thing you end up leaving in the dust.


With its innovative suspension and steering systems—along with its F SPORT front seats, steering wheel, shift knob and front fender badge—the IS 250 C F SPORT is ready for action whether the top is up or down.

IS 350 C

Through a combination of innovative technology, track-proven engineering and an even more powerful engine, the IS 350 C is more than simply driving without the top, it’s driving without compromise.


With its signature F SPORT grille and aggressive 18-inch wheels*, the IS 350 C F SPORT knows how to make an entrance. And with an optimized steering system and special sport-tuned suspension, it doesn’t just look like it’s ready for action—it actually is.

Lexus RC

Lexus RC 350

RC 200t

With a sleek coupe body style and a wide, low stance, the first-ever turbocharged RC was designed from the ground up to seamlessly blend eye-catching design with exhilarating and efficient performance.


Take the RC Turbo to the next level with a range of exclusive performance and styling upgrades, including a full-faced mesh grille and a suspension tuned by the same team behind the LFA supercar.

RC 300

The first-ever RC 300 combines sculpted lines with all-wheel drive capability, proving you don’t need to sacrifice head-turning style for road-gripping performance.


Push all-weather performance and sleek styling to its limit with a range of F—SPORT enhancements, including a more dynamic sport-tuned suspension and bolstered sport seats.

RC 350

Take a breath and fasten your everything. Pairing captivating styling with rear-wheel and available all-wheel drive performance, the RC 350 puts you in full command of a potent engine with impressive horsepower.


For those craving a double shot of adrenaline with their double-take-worthy styling, the RC 350 F SPORT offers a variety of exclusive upgrades, including new lateral performance dampers and a limited-slip differential.

Lexus LX

Lexus LX

LX 570

Crafted to conquer demanding terrain from remote off-road* vistas to black-tie premieres, the new 2016 LX 570 boasts a completely redesigned interior, generous eight-passenger seating and enhanced V8 performance.

Lexus GX

2015 GX

GX 460

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Ensuring you arrive in added style and comfort, the GX Premium model features upgrades including an interior trimmed in supple leather and Mahogany wood accents, and spoils rear-seat passengers with a third zone of climate control.



The ultimate in innovation and indulgence, the GX Luxury model boasts the addition of Adaptive Variable Suspension, a semi-aniline leather-trimmed interior and a power-folding third row, and offers cutting-edge entertainment and safety technology.

Lexus RX

Lexus RX fsport


RX 350

All new with a striking, chiseled body, an advanced 3.5-liter V6 and a stunning interior, the 2016 RX 350 brings style into sharp focus.



Dynamic sport-tuned suspension, bold F SPORT styling, LFA-inspired instrumentation and standard AWD captivate the eye and command the road.


RX 450h

An Atkinson-cycle V6 is paired with Lexus Hybrid Drive to deliver 308 total system horsepower* and control without compromise.



Pairing exclusive styling with impressive fuel efficiency, the first-ever RX 450h F SPORT challenges the category and channels pure F SPORT edge.

Lexus NX

2015 Lexus NX 200t

NX 200t

Going boldly forward like no crossover before it, the first-ever NX combines design, intuitive technology and a potent turbocharged engine to take on whatever urban adventure comes your way.



Offering an even more aggressive design and more dynamic handling, the NX 200t F SPORT features exclusive upgrades, including a highly responsive sport-tuned suspension, bolstered sport seating and race-inspired G-force and turbo-boost displays.


NX 300h

As efficient as it is stylish, the NX Hybrid offers a class-leading* 33-MPG*rating, an innovative active damping control system for exceptional ride comfort, and arresting available premium Triple-Beam LED headlamps to provide the best of all worlds. For yours.

Lexus LS


LS 460

The LS 460 is a blend of exhilarating performance and visionary innovation. Its powerful engine provides an unparalleled driving experience, while its technologically advanced features offer a host of modern conveniences.


With exclusive performance upgrades like a limited-slip rear differential (RWD) and more aggressive styling inside and out, the LS F SPORT is engineered to take driving exhilaration to a whole other level.

LS 600h L

The LS Hybrid was the world’s first prestige luxury and AWD V8 hybrid. With 438 horsepower*, a 0-to-60 time of 5.5 seconds* and world-class amenities, our flagship sedan remains a leader among luxury vehicles.

Lexus GS

Lexus GS 350

GS 200t

Melding peak responsiveness with passionate performance, the first-ever GS 200t boasts 241 horsepower* and an eight-speed Sport Direct-Shift transmission.



With an aggressive stance, eager turbocharged acceleration and available Rioja Red interior, the first-ever GS 200t F SPORT is power at play.


GS 350

With enhanced horsepower and an intimidating presence, the 2016 GS 350 flaunts an aggressive 3.5-liter V6, razor-sharp handling and a significantly raised bar.


A track-honed suspension, 19-inch alloy wheels,* 14-inch front brakes and assertive styling don’t just connect with the road—they command it.


GS 450h

A heavy dose of horsepower on a light diet, the GS 450h leads with a robust Atkinson-cycle V6, 338 total system horsepower* and a 34-MPG highway rating.*


Delivering instant response with enviable styling, the GS 450h F SPORT offers Adaptive Variable Suspension and available Dynamic Rear Steering.

Lexus ES

Lexus ES

ES 350

With a more striking design, world-class luxury and the most comprehensive safety system ever offered on the ES, the 2016 ES 350 is as unparalleled as it is unforgettable.

ES 300h

Proving that more of a good thing is a really good thing, the 2016 ES Hybrid offers indulgent comfort and amenities, more captivating styling and an impressive 40-MPG combined rating.*

Lexus IS


2.0 I-4 or 3.5 V6

IS 200t
The first-ever IS Turbo features an exhilarating 241-horsepower* turbocharged engine, a highly rigid chassis with track-tuned suspension and an 8-speed Sport Direct-Shift transmission.

IS 300

Leave the crowd behind with the all-new IS 300. Boasting a 255-horsepower* 3.5-liter V6 engine, it features standard all-wheel drive and impressive speed.