2016 Atego

The new Atego. Consistently further developed

A centimetre or two can make all the difference

Economy, reliability and quality make the Atego 6.5 – 16 t the ideal work partner. Whether in the city or on a construction site – when the going gets tough, the new Atego impresses with its excellent handling and great variety of applications. And the numerous new equipment details it features make work in light-duty distribution and the building materials industry more pleasant and comfortable. And its design is new, too. The Atego delivers first-class results, not only on the road, but on your balance sheet, as well. For instance, through the extremely frugal BlueTec® 5 engines or the optionally available engine start/stop system*, which reduces the Atego’s consumption even further, thus lessening pollutant impact in city centres. See for yourself.* Available as an option for Atego in conjunction with manual transmission; standard specification in Germany.


2016 Axor

The new Axor. Systematically improved

Weighs little – but delivers a lot

Exemplary reliability, high payload capacity and low consumption all go to make the new Axor, either as a tractor or platform truck upwards of 18 t, your ideal working partner. In construction, where it will prove that high load capacity and low unladen weight are not mutually exclusive. Likewise in distribution and medium-distance transport operations, where thanks to its economical 6-cylinder in-line engines, long maintenance intervals and the targeted reduction of its unladen weights, it will deliver first-class results. Saving money is easy in any case with the new Axor. With the BlueTec® 5 engines, for example; or the engine start/stop system* which is available as an optional extra; or the Mercedes PowerShift automatic gearshift. And thanks to the many new items of equipment, your trips with the new Axor will now not only be more economical, but more comfortable too.* optionally available for Axor up to 240 kW in conjunction with manual transmission


2016 Actros

The Actros

Sets standards: the Actros

Impressive reliability and economy, exemplary comfort and model safety make the Actros the ideal work partner. In heavy-duty construction site operation, where the Actros displays extreme robustness and power, day in and day out. Just as it does in international long-distance transport by delivering everything which matters in the long-distance sector: economical BlueTec® 5 engines, a modern gearshift, particularly long maintenance intervals, reliable safety systems and the kind of comfort for living and working that makes the pulse of a long-distance driver race a little faster.