Ideal for both family and business use, the all-new V-Class brings unprecedented levels of sophistication, safety and performance to the MPV segment.

Exterior styling is powerful and dynamic, with the expressive front section giving the
V-Class a unique on-road presence. Inside, the emphasis is on luxury and versatility with a spacious, beautifully appointed cabin that can seat up to 8 adults* in exquisite comfort. Highlights include sumptuous leather seats, a 7-inch multimedia display, and the intuitive touchpad controller.

For peace of mind, comprehensive safety equipment includes innovative driving aids such as ATTENTION ASSIST and Sidewind Assist System. The V-Class offers Active Parking Assist too, along with electric sliding doors on both sides and a powered split tailgate for everyday convenience.

As for performance, a choice of responsive, efficient engines includes the
V 220 d, which can return up to 45.6 mpg combined. And the V 250 d, which can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 9.1 seconds thanks to 440 Nm of torque.

S-Class Maybach


Prestigious, exclusive, unique: the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is the ultimate expression of automotive luxury.

Elegant exterior styling is complemented by a lavish interior, where materials and finishes are second to none. Comfort is paramount, with rear seat passengers enjoying a restful, lounge style atmosphere.

There are heated, reclinable seats with built-in massage function and adaptive support. There’s ambient lighting and state-of-the-art entertainment. There’s even a range of bespoke cabin fragrances and ionised air to ensure you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Yet for all this luxury, performance is remarkable – 0 to 62 mph in just 5 seconds – and the ride and handling are equally impressive, with intelligent technologies such as MAGIC BODY CONTROL coming to the fore. Meanwhile, an array of driver assistance systems help to maximise safety and peace of mind.



Introducing the new Mercedes-Benz GLC: our first ever mid-sized SUV for the UK market. A remarkable vehicle, it boasts the muscular looks and capabilities of a 4×4, yet it handles with the finesse and agility.

Exterior styling is powerful yet refined, and the spacious interior combines premium materials and contemporary design with a wealth of technology. Distinctive model lines include the SE, Sport and AMG line.

At launch, the GLC is available with a choice of two four-cylinder diesel engines, each blending impressive efficiency with effortless performance. The GLC 250 d 4MATIC can clock 0 to 62 mph in less than eight seconds and returns up to 56.5 mpg* combined.

Standard features include 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive while options include the Off-Road Package and AIR BODY CONTROL suspension to further enhance the car’s off-road credentials.

CLS-Class Shooting Brake

CLS-Class SB

What’s in the name?


The term Shooting Brake – or Shooting Break – has its origins in an old-fashioned carriage used to break in wild horses. This evolved over time, with Shooting Break referring to an array of custom-built carriages – and later, custom-built motor cars – designed to carry hunting parties and their equipment.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the term Shooting Brake enjoyed a revival, particularly in Great Britain where it became associated with a specific automotive body shape that blended two-door coupé style with estate car practicality.

Sporty and highly desirable, these cars were the epitome of luxurious and exclusive automotive design. The CLS Shooting Brake, with its lavish features such as the optional designo open-pore American cherry wood load compartment floor, follows in their illustrious footsteps.

GL-Class Off-Roader

2016 GL-Class Off-Roader

The new GL-Class combines freedom with luxury, power with elegance and size with a sense of responsibility. This makes the GL-Class a symbol of good style in every respect. A selection of economical and low-emission engines underlines its strong character. High-quality materials and high-sheen chrome trim adorn a vehicle that is difficult to beat where size and flexibility are concerned. The GL-Class – a vehicle that takes luxury to a new dimension.

CLS-Class Coupe


Coupés have always had that certain special something about them. But the Mercedes-Benz engineers wanted even more: a Coupé with four doors and comfortable rear seats. The unveiling of the original CLS marked the birth of a design icon, surpassed only by the new-generation CLS. With the nine-speed 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission for even more efficiency and dynamism (for selected models). The optionally available MULTIBEAM LED light system. And lines that are just made for a grand entrance.

Fine-tuning for the design trendsetter.

Mercedes-Benz is making the CLS even more irresistible. This one-of-a-kind four-door coupé – the pioneer of a whole new automotive segment – has now been fine-tuned to give it added appeal.

Understated but masterly neatly sums up the result of the restyling programme for the CLS. At the front, it is the modified radiator grille that stands out, with two louvres now instead of the previous four. The diamond-shaped, three-dimensional grilles painted in atlas grey that cover the air intakes project an even greater air of self-assurance as well as adding further emphasis to the vehicle’s width. The exterior mirrors have also been given a new look. The LED side indicator lamps that are built into them are arranged in the form of an arrow to produce a most eye-catching effect, especially in the dark. The mirror surface has furthermore been enlarged by 32 per cent to afford a clearer view of the traffic behind and thereby boost active safety.

SL-Class Roadster

2016 SL-Class Roadster

The legend lives – fast, powerful and unmistakeable


Experience automotive fascination: since the legendary SL 300 was launched in 1954, the SL has been acknowledged as one of the most imposing cars in the world. At Mercedes-Benz those two letters stand for elegance, sporty driving and innovative technology. The current generation of the SL also follows in this tradition.

The roadster combines sporting exhilaration and the greatest possible comfort with the excitement of open-top driving under the open skies par excellence. The SL Roadster is also in a league of its own with regard to its technology

Well protected and with a clear view of the sky. The panoramic vario-roof is the crowning glory of the SL Roadster. It is made up of a large glass element and a roller sunblind and makes the interior bright and appealing.


When you’re leading the way, it’s nice to know you look good from behind.

How do you continue what is already a staggering success story? Simple. By making things even better. Introducing the new – generation SL. With more powerful, more economical engines. With state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz technology. With new design elements such as side gills painted in either silver (SL 600) or the body colour (all other models). And with an even sportier front section and rear end. Plus a choice of exclusive paint finishes and, to round it all off, a selection of new, attractive wheels. One thing is apparent right away: the new generation first celebrates and then builds upon the great achievements of the past.



SLK-Class Roadster


More Powerful, more economical, more intense.

The Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Roadsters have long captured the hearts of sports car enthusiasts. Following an extensive facelift incorporating around 650 newly developed components, the SLK models of 2008 are even more dynamic and now offer an even more emotionally charged driving experience.

Key visual enhancements include new-look front and rear sections, as well as a meticulously modified interior with a new instrument cluster and three-spoke sports steering wheel. The high-revving V6 sports engine in the SLK 350 developing 224 kW and the standard direct-steer system truly bring the bold, dynamic character of the two-seater to the fore. Furthermore, all of the engines in the line-up are now far more economical on fuel and therefore emit even less CO2, despite a substantial increase in output in some cases.

The new-generation SLK blazes a trail of new sporty highlights, bestowing yet greater appeal on this thriving two-seater with the trendsetting vario-roof that transforms the car from a roadster into a weatherproof coupé in a matter of seconds.

S-Class Sedan


Dream car and guiding light for a whole sector – the S-Class. Every contact with this unique luxury saloon is an experience: Travel, work, relax, savour in peace and arrive safely – no other car can offer more than the exemplar of all saloons.

Size is a value in itself, a dimension of freedom. That’s why every passenger in the S-Class has more space than ever before. Everyone can use this personal space in his own particular way; but they will arrive relaxed at their destination.

Time is never lost in the S-Class. For every passenger can use the time during the journey to good effect, either working or “refuelling” – with his legs stretched out.


Our cars have epitomised luxurious mobility since the beginning of the 20th century. And they have thrilled generations of motorists who have style and great expectations.

The direct genealogy of the S-Class began in 1951 when the 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz 220 model appeared at the first International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Even this very first model boasted a high standard of equipment and delivered eff ortlessly superior performance. Launched in 1972, the W116 was the first S-Class, as it became known, and the official Mercedes-Benz representative in the luxury segment.

Outstanding comfort, innovative technology and comprehensive safety have been characteristic traits of the luxury saloon ever since. Crumple zones, ABS, airbags and ESP – they are all trailblazing innovations in the history of automotive development. And they all began life in the S-Class. Before finding their way into many other models and vehicle categories and, therefore, into people’s minds and the history books.

E-Class Cabriolet

E-Class Cabriolet

The mere sight of it is captivating. The pioneering forms, the innovative technology and superb driving dynamics and aerodynamic characteristics leave their mark on the vehicle’s segment as well as on the drivers themselves. Take AIRSCARF and the new AIRCAP, for instance – they turn virtually every kind of weather into cabriolet weather: for up to four occupants who soon realise that anyone enjoying a ride in this particular vehicle literally won’t be left cold by the airstream – and they will certainly never be left cold by the E-Class Cabriolet in a figurative sense, either.

E-Class Estate

E-Class Estate

The new E-Class Estate combines the elegant aura of the sedan with the functionality and generous dimensions of an estate. The load volume of up to 1950 litres allows for great flexibility, while a host of safety technology features gives all the occupants a feeling of security. This way, the E-Class Estate becomes an increasingly essential companion, day by day.

E-Class Coupe

E-Class Coupe

Like a magnet!

The machine has stirred. The new E-Class Coupé shows its face. It displays its good looks. It flexes its muscles. And it demostrates style. All to get your undivided attention.

It has engine which is the definition of power. A suspension which smooths out the road. A transmission which skips gears. A brake which can think for itself on hills. It has it all. The only thing that’s missing is a driver.

E-Class Sedan

E-Class Saloon

An economic miracle right from the start

The roots of the E-Class can be traced back as far as the early 20th century, although the direct genealogy began in 1947 when the 170 V model became the first Mercedes-Benz passenger car to enter production in the post-war years. It was as inextricably linked to the economic miracle as its successor, the “three-box-body Mercedes”, and they set the lead for others to follow, both technologically and economically.

Other legendary models include the “Tail Fin” and the “Stroke/8″, the latter named after its launch year: 1968. Its timeless design still sends Mercedes enthusiasts into raptures to this day. Like the W 123 model series that followed it, it is etched into Germany’s collective memory in one colour above all, namely the light ivory shade made famous by the taxi models, Launched in 1984, in 1993 the W 124 model series was the first to be officially named the E-Class. And, two years later, the E-Class wrote design history with its innovative “twin headlamp face”.

Finally, the best aspects of the previous eight generations of the E-Class are combined in the ninth: the W 212 model series. Its rear wings are a reminiscence to the “three-box body”, while the headlamps bring to mind its immediate predecessor. The high levels of comfort and safety are the result of many decades of development work at Mercedes-benz. Yet the end result is utterly unique: the new E-Class.

C-Class Estate

C-Class Estate

More Space.  More Freedom

The Estate adopts the Sedan’s customer-focused concept for the design and equipment lines. There is a choice of three models – CLASSIC, ELEGANCE and AVANTGARDE – which highlight the vehicle’s comfort or agility to differing degrees.

The AVANTGARDE line features a large Mercedes star positioned in the centre of the radiator grille that emphasises its sporty, agile nature.

In the ELEGANCE model, a three-dimensional, louvred radiator grille with a high-gloss paint finish accentuates other brand-typical attributes such as comfort and luxury.

The CLASSIC model, meanwhile, is deliberately more restrained and traditional.

C-Class Sedan

C-Class Sedan

Agility and effortless superiority

Grey asphalt may not be one of life’s most inspiring sights, but for over 120 years now, our vehicles have shown that it can give drivers a lot of fun. Reason enough, we thought, to go a step further and offer a new interpretation of driving pleasure.

So here it is: The C-Class Sedan, a car that allows you to experience the road as never before. Few cars can compete with its ability to adjust so many facets of its character – from the interior to the drive technology – so quickly and precisely in response to external conditions and your own particular needs.

B-Class Hatchback


Perfectly content thanks to an enormous selection


Wherever you go in the new B-Class, you go in style. The B-Class is sportier and more individualistic than ever before – with a more dynamic design for the front and rear apron, a range of design and equipment lines and optional design packages, a large free-standing display for the head unit, an instrument cluster with a sophisticated design, and attractive materials and colours throughout.

The characteristic exterior of the B-Class combines functional design with accomplished sportiness. This generation of the B-Class looks even more dynamic – from the newly-designed front section with its optional LED High Performance headlamps to the striking rear apron.

Sporty, elegant design and high-quality materials set the tone in the interior of the B-Class. And the layout is so clear that the driver can concentrate on something that is perhaps not as attractive, but certainly more important: the traffic.

Give your B-Class a look of its own. It is really easy to do with the design and equipment lines. The attractive Style line sets an individual tone and projects an air of self-assurance. The Urban design and equipment line stands for sportiness and expressiveness, while the AMG Line will always make an unparalleled dynamic entrance.


Mercedes in new dimensions

Designed to fit your life: the B-Class
Contradictions provide the dynamic behind all movement – and the trigger for unconventional ideas. How do you go about developing a compact car with as much interior space as possible? How do you achieve the optimum balance between ride comfort and sporty handling? How can a vehicle be practical and elegant at the same time?

The B-Class provides a refreshing answer to all these questions by combining the best qualities of a range of different concepts. The result is a Sports Tourer with an exciting design and a degree of versatility that sets it apart from the rest of its class.



A-Class Hatchback


Fits no stereotype. But perfectly fits in your life.


Athletic at first sight – and on every metre travelled: the new generation A-Class delivers on the promise held out by its design. The new generation A-Class signals emotion in motion with its aggressive front apron, the taut side line and the even more distinctive rear end, optionally with all-LED tail lamps.

The design of the new generation A-Class is young and modern and has even more emotional appeal after the model update: with more powerful front and rear aprons, three different design and equipment lines, three optional Design packages as well as attractive materials, colours and new light-alloy wheels.

The high-quality interior was designed with a love of detail and features further enhanced exclusivity and sporty flair. The shapes, surfaces and materials go together to form a high-quality and harmonious whole and meet the highest standards, both to the eye and the touch.


Greatness in a compact form: the A–Class

If carbon is compressed, the result is a valuable diamond. If the Mercedes-Benz philosophy is compressed, the result is a car like the A-Class, whose intrinsic value lies in its unique vehicle concept. Compact on the outside, the A-Class displays all the major attributes of a Mercedes-Benz: efficient use of space, outstanding safety, unrivalled variability and quality right down to the last detail. Experience everything that makes a Mercedes-Benz special – experience the A-Class.

CLA-Class Shooting Brake


 CLA-Class SB

The CLA Shooting Brake.

A completely new vehicle concept in its segment, the CLA Shooting Brake combines the athletic styling of a coupé with the space and versatility of an estate.

With its sweeping roofline and dramatic contours, the car boasts outstanding aerodynamics, keeping noise levels and fuel consumption remarkably low. Meanwhile, the roomy interior offers an irresistible blend of luxury and convenience. Materials and finishes are exquisite throughout, and the flexible load space is perfectly suited to the ever-changing demands of your busy lifestyle.

Innovative features include Mercedes me connect online services, which enable emergency call system (eCall), accident recovery, breakdown and maintenance management. Also available, the distinctive OrangeArt edition, which features high-contrast orange design accents inside and out.




Ready for anything.

The off-road capabilities of the G-Class have assumed near legendary status amongst 4×4 aficionados – and it’s fully deserved. The permanent four-wheel drive, the 4ETS Four-wheel Electronic Traction System, the synchronised transfer case and the three 100% differential locks, all work together in perfect harmony to make the G-Class a match for the toughest terrain.

Fitted as standard, the innovative transfer case’s off-road ratio is a key component. Activated at the touch of a switch, it generates formidable traction, enabling a stunning gradient-climbing capability of up to 80%.

Similarly, the differential locks can be activated individually and in a logically specified sequence – so you can adapt the vehicle perfectly to its surroundings. If a wheel loses traction, the power is redirected to the wheels offering the best grip. Even if only one wheel is providing grip, you will still make good headway.



The new Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Introducing our sporty Compact SUV, it combines urban style with off-road versatility.

From its distinctive grille to its sporty interior the new GLA is a Compact SUV like no other offering unparalleled style and design.

Thanks to optional 4MATIC all-wheel drive with off-road functionality, the new GLA is always ready to cope with all-weather conditions.

Climb inside the new GLA and you can’t help but feel safe and secure thanks to its state-of-the art safety systems.
Inside the new GLA enjoy a spacious interior with cutting edge technology at your fingertips.






Equipped with 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive as standard, the new GLE is ready to take on the world. The system works continuously to maximise traction, delivering dynamic and precise handling, even in tough driving conditions.

Incorporating the 4ETS electronic traction system, 4MATIC is able to individually monitor each wheel for slippage and manage torque and braking requirements accordingly. Fully integrated with the vehicle’s other safety systems, including the Antilock Braking System (ABS) and the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP®), 4MATIC ensures the GLE has grip and power when you need it most.

GLE-Class Coupe


Blending the dynamic nature of a sports coupé with the striking proportions and muscular characteristics of an SUV, the GLE Coupé opens up a world of possibilities. With its distinctive profile, dramatic styling, large wheels and generous ground clearance, it promises an exhilarating driving experience – and it doesn’t disappoint.

Fitted with a range of innovative equipment as standard, the GLE Coupé’s 9G-TRONIC PLUS 9-speed automatic transmission provides outstanding agility and responsiveness. Meanwhile, AIRMATIC air suspension with Adaptive Damping System Plus continuously variable damping ensures accurate handling and a flawless ride.

DYNAMIC SELECT is also standard, enabling you to change the coupé’s driving characteristics from sporty to a more comfort-oriented set-up. And 4MATIC all-wheel drive ensures the GLE Coupé maintains good traction, even in the toughest driving conditions.

C-Class Coupe

C-Class Coupe

With its beautifully poised, athletic styling, the all-new C-Class Coupé promises an unforgettable driving experience – and it doesn’t disappoint. Slide behind the wheel and relax into the integral sports seats, clad in tactile ARTICO leather*, and the urge to put the Coupé through its paces is irresistible.

A range of dynamic, responsive and efficient engines includes the new petrol-driven C 300. Capable of 0 to 62 mph in 6.0 seconds flat, it also features a special sports exhaust system for throaty, high-performance acoustics. Or you could opt for one of the diesel models, featuring the 9G TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission for satisfyingly fast, sporty shifting.

Model lines include the Sport, which combines generous equipment levels with exceptional comfort, and the AMG Line, boasting a host of performance-inspired design features.

CLA-Class Coupe

CLA-Class Coupe

Introducing the CLA.


Combining head-turning coupé styling with the practicality of a compact saloon, the CLA represents a landmark in automotive design, carving out a new niche all its own.

Exterior design is simply breathtaking, from the distinctive diamond grille to the sporty twin tailpipes. There’s substance behind the style too, with the sweeping roofline and sculpted surfaces enabling remarkable aerodynamic performance.

This not only enhances the CLA’s impeccable road manners but also contributes to its outstanding performance. A choice petrol and diesel engines, includes the CLA 220 d (manual), which can return up to 67.3 mpg* combined.

In addition, drivers can opt for Sport or AMG Sport model lines, the latter featuring muscular AMG bodystyling and lowered sports suspension. Both offer generous standard equipment, ranging from sports seats to advanced safety technologies such as COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS including ADAPTIVE BRAKE ASSIST.



The new lightness of being.

With time, with success, with experience, your goals do not become fewer. But the road towards them becomes more beautiful. More superbly confident. Safer. Everything feels easier on the road in the new GLS, the SUV of the S-Class.Serenity and quiet confidence? Things you have not yet experienced in this form. Power? Sufficient at all times.

With boundless serene majesty the new GLS redefines the concept of comfort. Thanks to the numerous standard and optional equipment items available to it, this SUV embodies calm serenity in every situation.

Aboard the new GLS you can feel secure. Mercedes-Benz’s decades of experience have flowed into the numerous assistance systems available, systems that register complex situations and support you both while driving and in hazardous situations.

S-Class Coupe


The S-Class Coupé. Gran Performer.

There are visions one follows without hesitation. The S-Class Coupé radiates a sense of benevolent authority so impressively that it may well be considered a figure of great charisma on the road.

Its athletic design and lines leave no doubt as to its uncompromising assertiveness. However, new S-Class Coupé is much too classy to boast about its power alone. It is its sheer attractiveness that convinces – its compelling charm that manages to conjure up a smile on the face of the beholder again and again.

Its striking front section impressively signals the sporting pre-eminence of the S-Class Coupé. The three-dimensional Mercedes grille with the Mercedes star and single louvre is the centrepiece. It is flanked by the clearly defined LED High Performance headlamps of the standard-specification LED Intelligent Light System, optionally featuring Swarovski crystals.

Time for turning inwards. Above all, the S-Class Coupé guides the driver to himself. Its inside reflects the great interior design concepts and literally invites to become one with the vehicle.


S-Class Cabriolet

2016 S-Class Cabriolet

The new Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet

It has been 44 years since Mercedes-Benz launched an open-top luxury four-seater. Now the love affair starts over again with a new member of the S-Class family – the all-new S-Class Cabriolet.

The new S-Class Cabriolet comes with a distinctive, sensual design, combined with the unprecedented luxury and technology of the flagship model.

At the front end, a long, powerful bonnet flows into a striking bumper, which incorporates large air intakes. The centrepiece is a diamond radiator grille featuring a single louvre in silver with chrome inserts. As an option, the LED headlights are encrusted with Swarovski crystals for the indicators and daytime running lights.

From the side, the signature dropping line slopes towards fully retractable side windows and a muscular rear end. With the taut, soft-top closed, the cabrio’s profile is almost identical to that of the sleek S-Class coupé.

The fabric roof is a work of art in itself. It can be opened or closed in 20 seconds, and at speeds of up to 37 mph. And an acoustically optimised three-layer lining makes it one of the quietest, most insulated soft-tops ever.

Inside, the luxurious cockpit embraces its passengerswith revolutionary climate control, using sensors to automatically maintain temperature levels. The automatic turbulence-reducing system AIRCAP and the

AIRSCARF neck-level heating system offer extra protection from the elements.

Under the surface, the sophisticated body of the S-Class Cabriolet boasts an incredibly rigid, lightweight design. An innovative aluminium bulkhead behind the rear seats reinforces the structure, at the same time supporting the automatically extending roll bars, while the completely new aluminium rear floor increases torsional strength.

And like the S-Class Saloon and coupé, the new Cabriolet is available with a suite of advanced assistance systems to make driving safer and more comfortable.

SL-Class New Generation SL

2016 SL-Class New Generation SL

Elegance meets sportiness.

The Mercedes-Benz SL is the top performer in the widest variety of disciplines: an elegant roadster for relaxed, comfortable cruising or a dynamic coupé for sporty cornering. More powerful engines, the automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC, DYNAMIC SELECT with five transmission modes and Active Body Control ABC with the curve tilting function all take the legend to a new dynamic level.

The high suitability for everyday use has been enhanced with the hard top, which can now be operated at up to 40 km/h, and the automatic boot separator. Visually the front end in particular has been made significantly sportier. As a result the bonnet, bumper and headlamps, among other features, are all new.

New appearance for the athletic aesthete.

The Mercedes-Benz SL has always been athletic and aesthetic at the same time. Now the designers have worked on bringing these characteristics even more to the fore. A particularly eye-catching feature is the revised front end of the new edition of the SL: for its new appearance, traditional elements have been enhanced in an innovative and unmistakable manner. Inspiration came from the legendary 300 SL Panamericana racing car with its steeply raked radiator grille. This extends downwards, thus creating a completely individual “face” for the SL within the Mercedes-Benz model range. The grille is executed as the diamond radiator grille as standard. The sculpted shape of the radiator grille harmonises perfectly with the now standard AMG bodystyling with front apron in an A-wing design, which features a front splitter in the vehicle colour.





Step inside AMG, the performance racing division of Mercedes-Benz, and experience the legendary philosophy of One Man, One Engine firsthand.